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The Ultimate kronos guide!

(With inspiration from salient)

Well, I get about 2-3 guys every couple of weeks on msn asking me kronos questions and instead of answering the same thing over and over I figured its better to put it into 1 guide.

I am going to go through various strats, then adding in variations where needed. I will also say which is best used and where, before finishing with the 10 commandments

Key (bc im lazy):
Crax - counter barracks
Rax – barracks
Ts - timeshift

5man K-rush:

One of the best strats in the game when used correctly and can be used on any land map (and water, but never do imo). Contrary to popular belief, it requires a lot of micro, more so than the isis fh and thor raids.

K, archaic is really easy:

Manor/house -> food
ADV about 3.30 -3.50 depending on how lucky u are with the map

Timeshift your temple near the enemy, valour oracles, aq proms and attack. When u adv, make a crax/manor at gold and ts asap, ts it over, then make 2nd crax at wood, ts over asap, aq turma and raid attack, raid then attack some more, idle army = bad. Keep raiding and attacking, then raid. U get it by now tongue.gif

Watch all gold and food spots. If u can’t think of something to do, something productive u can try is to take 10-15 turma and make them all fire on one unit so it dies, then run away again and repeat!

Eco: send another vill to food (total 2), then one more to wood, then 1 to gold then wood then gold then 2 to food then more to wood and make farms

This works best on Low hunt maps: oasis/sav/ghost lake/afhiem


Works best vs norse/greek on high hunt

Same classic as normal, make your manor and crax at gold and ts, make a rax at wood and ts over

Eco: send 3 vills to food for a total of 4, then send 1 to gold, 2 to wood, 1 to gold, 1 to food, rest to wood and make farms, this lets you get murms very quick, which is needed vs hersirs/rc/hops/hips on higher hunt maps

Of course this can be used if lower hunt maps have substantial hunting

6-man k-rush

Same principles as 5man rush, but u adv slightly later with a stronger eco, some players prefer this, general adv time 3.55-3.58 depending on map

Chop 5 wood (1 hit on tree) manor, temple, food


Switch vills so u have 3 on wood, 2 on gold 1 on food

Send a 2 vills to food, 2 vill to gold, 1 to food and rest to wood, make farms. IMO, u can go down paths with this strat using the same bo. When u have 3 on food, u can make a rax and mass murms as well as the 2 crax making turma, or u can skip it, and go for a faster 13 mins heroic time,


Don’t waste units, and attack his hunt first, try to keep on only herdables (pigs etc). Do this with proms, in the meantime ts your 1st crax over. And aq turma, while your doing this find his gold mine and ts crax near it (if possible scout it in acrhaic age) and send 2nd crax near that. Keep massing army and raiding his food/gold (wood if greek). Watch all gold mines. Something I like to do is ts manors near gold mines for los, meaning u can keep all army together and have los so u know if he moves

VARIATION vs norse

Something really funny and effective is:

Run in with first 2 proms and decon temple, then keep attacking his ulf with proms and 3rd prom when it comes out. No alt-s means he can’t make temple. I did this vs oly_rho, he didn’t have a temple until 7mins+, was a 10 mins game: D

Ignore tc fire and prevent that temple going up… only vs norse remember and only with 5man rush

4.30-7man rush

Most used attie strat and very effective in every situation on every land map

Eco guild – hd, then food
Gold (when 25 gold make manor)

ADV – switch 2 food vills to wood and get eco ups

When advanced, make rax and 2 crax,aq turma/turma/murm/proms and arrange eco at 3 food, 2 wood, 2 gold again

Eco: send vill to wood, vill to food, 2 to gold, then rest to wood and make farms

VARIATION best used vs norse/attie on high hunt:

Eco guild – hd, then food
Gold (when 25 gold make manor)

ADV – switch 2 food vills to wood and get eco ups. Make 2 rax/1crax and make murm/murm/turma/prom

Eco: arrange for 4 food, 2 gold and 1 wood. Send a vill to food (total 5), vill to wood, 2 to gold then rest to wood

4.30 rush technique: Containment is the key here, first thing to do is to attack all outside food sources. Keep him in his base. Then immediately put pressure on his gold and wood like firing from behind trees with turma and attacking his towers/houses with murms, keep him busy, don’t allow him time to setup the eco the way he wants to. Scout the entire map fast and watch all mines, know when he moves to second gold and cut this off. Don’t forget to go tt.

KEY POINT – this is important vs eggy where it can be of a big advantage to go titan quicker. ALLOW yourself to get popped at 75/75, then make another tc, before making ur next house, this will allow u to boom faster and helps. I find this is good vs greek also, as they usually use less gold than other civs, u can make the 2nd tc and still have max army at 130/130 by the time they need the second mine.

4.40 2 dock rush:
My favourite strat and I developed it myself


Dock, wood
Food (when u have 107 wood, make a manor with the wood vill)
Food (make temple @ wood)


Make a second dock and a manor with vill by water, arrange other 6 vills for 4 wood/2 gold (u rly don’t need 3) ts your temple near your enemy’s docks and aq proms/valour oracles in classic. Aq ships from both dock, and (be quick) u must make a barracks/manor before your docks produce your 3rd/4th ships. Keep attacking with all units and ts barracks over and make murms ASAP, destroy docks and fishes. Make crax ASAP and get turma raids going. Keep him off gold and food spots

Eco: send vills to gold until 5, then 2 to food 2 wood, then some to wherever u need them. 

5.05 2tc (high hunt only)

Eco guild – hd, food
Gold (manor when 25 gold)
Temple, wood


What do I do vs what and where?

Remember this is a general guide to what your strat should be. U should by no means follow this strictly, but its what I find to work best in the majority of situations

High hunt:

Vs eggy 4.30/5.05
Vs norse 3.35/4.30
Vs greek 4.30
Vs attie 5.05 (1tc)/boom

Low hunt:

Vs eggy 3.30/5.05
Vs norse 3.35/3.55
Vs greek 3.55
Vs attie 3.55/4.30/boom


4.45 vs all

VARIATION: 4.20 on highland vs norse

( 4.20 is same as 4.40 in principle, but you don’t make last vill (gold), instead stop production and adv asap, you will have idle tc time. Norse adv about 5.10 on this map, the extra 25 seconds is needed trust me ^^)

Alternative strats:

2TC Boom – Avery fun and effective strat. Can be used to surprise and shock opponent and pull off an easy win. For e.g I used it vs an 1850+ oranos rusher on oasis with kronos who adv at 3.56. I adv at 6mins, he waited in his base for my rush which never came and was gg 

Build – high hunt:

Eco guild – hunt
Gold (manor)
Wood (temple at gold or wood)
Make tc
Adv around 6 mins 

Build – low hunt:

Food – no guild
Make tc
Adv around 6 mins

This allows for a strong eco really fast, just make sure u don’t get housed, u can start to make your tt about 15 mins if done well. Try to max at 130/130 before leaving ur base for a second gold mine, if his pop is higher u may have problems.

2TC semi-fh raids

Wtf u say? Op I say, go standard2tc build and make some turma to 100 pop or so to defend and raid him. Go heroic 9-10 mins and setup 2-3 palaces aq only destroyers and raid him……….. go up with vortex when u can start to spam mirror towers everywhere and vortex ur destroyers + uber siege. Funny but only works on open maps and vs 1800- players. Can do nice in team games though.

Rarely used strat which work up to 1850 nicely:

Krush on medi. I have only used this vs norse/eggy, and with a lot of success, only 2 players in 9 has beaten me back, damn soup and soli >_>

Now, although u adv at 3.30 (standard krush build), the way I do it, is not “normal” but it is certainly very effective. Ts your temple over his side and attack docks with your proms/oracles. K, now during adv to classic, u will have setup ur eco as 1-2-2, but when ur about 30% send a vill to make a DOCK. Then re-aarange eco to give 1 food, 2 wood and 1 gold. When vill is done, make a manor and send to gold or w/e to give 1-2-2. when up aq arrow ships, with your proms having killed his only “likely” dock, not mnay ppl will have 2 docks at 3.45 vs kronos, but if they do u have decon. U can win water by 4.15 making 3 arrow ships. Now aq fishing ships. Use ur proms/oraclesto assult his towers/houses etc. TS a crax over, then a rax, then another crax and pwn your enemy !!!

3 man rush – a strat im starting to use more and more vs eggy’s on land map,basically make 3 vills and adv, easy lol. Make temple/house with 3rd vill, u can adv 2.55- 3.05. which means (if u scouted well) u can knock down his gold tower before he expected u to adv and he may not have protected it yet. Also, I played vs this as eggy, and no hunt from 3 mins hurts.
Ur eco is key tho, when ur advancing, make it a 1-1-1 eco, send 1 st vill to food, then to wood, then gold, wood/gold again, then ust w/e u need. When u adv u can make 1 more prom. Then u can make a crax and ts it over. It doesn’t work too well vs greek due to op ranged hero @ 4 mins u cant touch. Tbh I haven’t really try it vs norse or attie very much. But works good vs eggy !!

Tips vs civs

Vs attie – early aggression is key, killing a vill early gives a massive advantage. Murms are the best unit early, use them. Spam chiero asap, esp as they are cheap for u. when u see ur enemy has a bunch of chiero, stop making murms, saves food for adv + vils + make ur army better vs him also. If he has A LOT of chiero, make some turma run THROUGH his chiero, he wont be able to focus and will keep turning, free shots always good 11

Vs norse – keep him off hunt, nuff said. Kill his buildings and keep him fighting. Murms rox norse

Vs greek, early aggression is good, they will often overtake u in score, but don’t worry, u can outspam him easily. Try to make him make many gather points early is good, as they are expensive

Vs eggy – oos him. Or gold starve him. Early pressure is good and priests are expenseive, run with about 10 turma kill 1 priest and run away, vs mass slings split u turma into groups of 3 (4 if they have upgrades) and kill as many as possible, try not to waste “shots” as slings fire fast.

Map tips – 

• Alfhiem – cliffs make it hard, be aggressive and Timeshift stuff like towers on cliffs
• Anatolia – hard map. U should dock rush and win one side by 6.30, then fight other side. Make 2 docks asap and aq ships.ur land army will be superior with mass murms so attack land and water simultaneously and u should get his docks down, then nice girl the middle. Seriously make 10 towers, them TS starting 4 forward. If ur vs eggy just resign at start to save urself 20 mins.
• Ghostlake – nice map for eggy as gold is often a distance away. Be aggressive.
• Highland – build your temple in middle and do a dock rush. Keep control of the middle land bridges so he cant raid you. Gold starve and pressure. I usually go tt quite fast on this map
• Marsh – can make this map difficult or easy. I don’t actually know if this is true, but in most cases, it seems to work for me. If u only have ur 3k gold in starting los, your enemy likely has more than that. So go 4.30 or later, if u have more than 1, ur enemy may only have one. So go aggressive. Like I said, I don’t know if its true, but its what I use to try decide whether to rush or not. Works for me 90% of the time.
• Medi – dock rush him. Cut off food/gold gg.
• Midguard. 2 options. Full land and map/gold control. Or start bashing his docks. I find that its best to go full land early then make a few ships around 8 mins to distract him water. Watch all gold, easy to gold starve here.
• Oasis – nice early aggression is key to victory
• Savanah – very aggressive, good open map and gold is hard to get to if your being rushed
• Tundra – As sav, rush him hard on this nice open map.
• Waterhole. Same thing as marsh, look at starting gold. But remember WH is a niceboom map.

10 commandments of kronos 

1) Never have idle military while attacking
2) Always watch all the gold – TS a building near it for constant LOS
3) Never make a vill walk further than he has to – u lose a lot fo res
4) Always Timeshift manors to outside res to save vills if u get raided
5) Destroyers and chiero are very cheap, use them
6) If your enemy is eating outside animals or getting gold, why is he? ITS URS GO GET IT!
7) Its always good to throw turma spears over trees and disrupt his eco.
cool.gif If an enemy if running some units or vills through a narrow cliff or path, time shift something in the way to block him and get a lot fo easy kills!
9) If some flames u for playing attie, repeat this sentence: “stfu, go play aom if u don’t like attie fruiting aq-needing nub” works for me !
10) Rush the shyt out of that mother fcker (or boom if he think u rush fo sho)

In difficult situations:

Vs eggy priests spam hide-in-base-use-anc-to-get-gold:

Pressure him hard and never let him slip to outside hunt, then immediately run from anc, try not to lose any units. As soon as anc is done go to his second gold and pressure him hard. His eco will be week don’t be afraid of migdol fire. Killing some early units helps also. Hurting him here and going tt is key to winning.

Vs loki hersir raids – leave 3-4 murms and 1-2 chiero at home ,send the rest to go get his eco, don’t chase them about with all units, so many players do this then wonder why they lose.

Vs Zeus cents – same as vs loki, leave a couple of heroes at home and his him hard, run into his wood with your proms/oracles.

Vs isis semi water – maps like mudguard/highland and Anatolia are tough matchups for kronos. However u have to force him into using anc in defence. The best way I find to do this is to make 2-3 rax and make a lot of murms. Kill his buildings and he “should” use anc to defend himself and try to get a mig up, by this time (10mins) u should be spamming from 2tc’s a lot of murms and a few turma/chiero on his gold

Hope u like cu on eso 


Krushing a thor on high-hunt:

Booming vs attie (hh):

Vs eggy ft on water:

4.30 vs eggy hh:

4.20 vs norse highland:

boom vs eggy:

krushing an eggy who hides in his base then comes with anc:

Semi FH:

rushing a greek:

beating isis on medi:

Beating isis high hunt:

Beating isis midguard:

dock rush:

highland rush:

3man rush:

boom vs attie rush low hunt:

im bored now, if anyone has requests for otehr games i'll try to find and/or play them

feedback apreciated!

Hope u like cu on eso smile.gif