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Strategy, here you can find a couple good Thor related guides, and Spoeft's super detailed guide on how to play versus each civ and maps.

Outside Guides For Thor


Spoeft's Enormous Thor Guide

This was taken from a Spoeft's post inside Age Sanctuary. Publishing it shows my deep admirationlol and not any intention to  steal his work. This guide was principally  made for vanilla players and can be used only to a certain level on AoT . This is a 100% copy paste with bolded titles. Thnx a lot Spoeft...


Personally I'm not such a fan of build orders, cause many people tend to mess up completely after their ulf has been bolted, or they can't find the food right away, so it's very important to be able to adapt to the situation.
But of course, a basic build order is always handy, just twitch it a bit and you'll be fine.

Thor vs norse

Thor on high hunt vs odin and thor:
Ok this is pretty easy, but as I said before, you'll need to change some things, seeing what your opponent is.

Vs odin I'd go for an agressive 4.45 advance so you can attack rather early and take mapcontrol, your thor eco is stronger in the beginning anyway.
-Cast dwarven mine as soon as the game starts
-Put your 2 beginning dwarves on it
-Que up 5 gatherers. (I usually do this while the game shows which map you'll be playing on)
-Click hunting dogs asap in your ox cart and drive it to your hunt
-Send vills to the hunt
-Once you get two gatherers on an animal you should shoot the second deer (or other huntable) that is closest to your ox. In tt this will give you 1 favor, I think you need a third deer in nilla. So just shoot them rather early and just spread your gatherers on them.
-As soon as you have 1 favor do pig sticker in your ox
-By this time your ulf shouldve scouted towards the middle, your herdables can scout the back and side a bit. I mostly build my first house by a tc, although it might be smarter to build it by a tower since thor-odin ends up in raidwars a lot.
-Make a gatherer ox gatherer and send them to a forest. I've had lots of people telling me an ox isn't needed so early, I guess it's just personal preference..
-Right now you can choose between another gatherer onto wood or food: if you see you’re almost out of hunt in your first hunting place, send one to food so he can walk along to the next source with the others. If you still have enough, send one to wood first.
-Make a dwarf onto your dwarven mine
-Ulf should now be building a temple rather forward, try making it in a critical resource place (hunt, gold mines, maybe even forests).
-Now send a dwarf, ox and dwarf to your gold mine. Shift click your 3 dwarves on the dwarven mine to go to the medium or large mine after so you don't need to watch them anymore later.
-When you're making your ox onto gold, put your gathering point a bit next to the gold mine, otherwise your ox will walk to the back of the mine making your dwarves walk further for a moment, this will save you a little bit of time and gold, more important then it seems this early.
-Send a dwarf to hunt, you'll now have 7 hunters with hunting dogs and pig sticker, supplying you with enough food for quite a while.
-Send another dwarf to wood and gold and advance.
You now have 7 food, 4 wood and 5 gold.
-While advancing be sure to do pickaxe and handaxe, I don't do husbandry yet cause I need the wood for barracks and I prefer having 15 food come in at a more constant rate than 30 very early on, allowing me to make army faster. Later on of course you do it so you save walking time and stop the food decay a bit.

-Make a hersir from your temple before doing those two eco ups, you need him more badly. Around now your ulf should've scouted the greatest part of the map, including your opponent's resources.
-When you hit classical make your hersir and ulf make 1 barracks together if you see your opponents temple is outside his town, otherwise make 1 barracks with each.
-Now which army to make? If his temple is outside his town, this either means he'll be aggressive or he wants to protect his resources. As soon as I see it's not hidden in his town, I make some ulfs for their nice training time and move in to take it down.
-Have your first ulf and hersirs make houses and barracks when available, the goal is to outproduce your opponent.
-If he is making military units near his temple and going for infantry as well, just keep producing ulfs, throwing axemen and some raiders, but be sure to base your economy this way too!! It would be useless to put loads of gatherers onto wood when you're making such a food-based army.
-Get an armory up on time with your builders, keep up eco and keep fighting.
-If you can't seem to take his military base down it might help to pull back for a moment, save some resources and get your hack upgrades and maybe dmg. This will allow you to make less army with the same strength, and if microed correctly it will save you loads of resources.
-Of course never forget to make valks, they can heal your units, fight hard and raid while you're both regaining strength.
-As long as you're both pumping units keep doing armory upgrades and don't save up for heroic, it might just kill you.
-But from the moment you take down his base (this will have to happen sometime, your army is much stronger) you send your raiders to raid and build lots of military buildings by gold mines, food sources, basicly everywhere so you can lock him in and you have the ability to flood him when needed.
-In some cases around this time you can just run into his town and take it down if you've weakened him enough. I prefer saving my resources and taking mapcontrol with raids and buildings, and getting heroic.
-As soon as you get there, make a second tc and a hillfort by his closest goldmine: this will make him resign loads of times, as you own the gold, your army is stronger and you have more pop.
-If he doesn't give up yet, just charge in, have like 5 ulfs make another tc, cast fw, make a few rams and finish him, the game has actually been over from the moment you cut his gold off.

-Ok so that's how it goes when your opponent made the large mistake to build outside his town
-If he builds his temple inside his town, the game is actually much easier strategy wise, but you'll need to focus on your micro more.
-It all comes down to outraiding your opponent. You have an early advantage by being able to make dwarves onto food--> more raiders. But the longer the game lasts, the bigger of a disadvantage it becomes (gatherers still gather faster).
So be sure not to go full dwarf, you may think it helps at first but you're just fooling yourself.
Pump raiders, get dmg upgrades rather than hack upgrades (it won't come down to real fights early on) and kill as many vills as you can, saving as many of your raiders as you can (don't try to kill 10 vills with 2 or 3 raiders).
In this type of games you should mostly hit heroic around 10 minutes.
Go for second tc and hillfort by gold again, pump some infantry, gather your army and finish him with flaming weapons.
After heroic his early military building placement won't make much of a difference anymore, since you should have him pushed back by now.

Ok so that was vs odin, vs thor I do pretty much exactly the same thing. Differences are that you don't have the early eco advantage anymore, he's the same civ so he has the armory bonus too, and raiding wars are muh more frequent. It will come down to micro more than to strategy details, as that is what makes you different from your opponent.

Those are the basic strategies in non loki norse wars, I don't think they're too hard to remember
Of course there are different possibilities.. I like to make it seem I’m going for raiders, but then go for ulfs and throwing axemen and surprise my opponent with my big army, while he is still making slow training raiders. This has gotten me 1901 100% wins, just better scouting of my opponent's military build and being unpredictable. (last 2 games were thor wars)

Thor vs loki on hunt:

BO first, normally I don't think they're very important but in this case it's a matter of getting up really fast and stopping him from rushing:
-Cast dwarven mine as soon as the game starts
-Put your 2 beginning dwarves on it
-Que up 5 gatherers. (I usually do this while the game shows which map you'll be playing on)
-Click hunting dogs asap in your ox cart and drive it to your hunt
-Send vills to the hunt
-Once you get two gatherers on an animal you should shoot the second deer (or other huntable) that is closest to your ox. In tt this will give you 1 favor, I think you need a third deer in nilla. So just shoot them rather early and just spread your gatherers on them.
-As soon as you have 1 favor do pig sticker in your ox
-Build your first house by the tower guarding your gold.
-send 2 gatherers to a tree next to your tc.
-dwarf ox dwarf to gold mine (shift click your others onto it again)
-another dwarf to gold (gives you 5)
-dwarf to food
-dwarf to wood
-ADVANCE! You should build your temple pretty early after your first house, I'm not sure about the exact time, just get it up early! You should start advancing between 3.05 (this is if evertyhing went well with the hunt) - 3.10 (could be that you needed to walk a bit).
-While advancing keep making hersirs. I don't do pickaxe and handaxe as they cost too much food and wood, my eco isn't very strong.
-Your ulf should've really found his forward by now, if he's a smart player he'll have built it close by a food or gold source. From the moment you find it, charge with your ulf and hersirs, don't hold back, every second is important!
-Find his ulfsark with yours and chase him, you're 90% sure to advance earlier than him, thus your ulf will be stronger.
-While you're chasing him with your ulf, take down his house(s) (he probably has a second one there too) with your hersirs.
-As soon as you hit classical make all your guys build 1 barracks, then go back to hitting his houses. Your ulf can stop his chase around now as the loki will have run into his town under tc fire. Just build a house with him wherever he is cause you'll be very short on pop.
-Let the barracks make nothing but ulfs till you run out of food, they train really fast and the point is to flood him. When his houses are down, you can make more barracks and finish the temple.
-Right after the base is dead, go for his town! Make some raiders from your barracks (your eco should be going pretty well now, allowing you to make a few extras). 3 or 4 will do for a nice amount of time.
The raiders, obviously, go raid him. While doing so you attack his towers and any outside buildings with your fast training, infantry based army (keep temple producing valks when you can and otherwise hersirs, these are always needed vs loki).
Just keep up the raids, keep eco going, his is weak lots of times as lokis don't seem to bother too much with it (who knows why  ) and very important, micro the best you can! It's critical to save as much army as possible cause during every fight you'll need lots of resources to flood him.
Then it's just like vs the other norse, if he doesn't resign and you can't take his town down, go for mapcontrol (do it anyway) and get heroic with finishing fw.

Now there are probably questions about forseti or freyja.. In nilla I almost always go for freyja: in tt you get a free myth unit, so the troll helps a lot. My strat is more aggressive though, and since you don't get a free valk or troll in nilla, I think it's better to go burn his forest and hurt his eco, save the wood from trolls for barracks and ups, and just go for throwing axemen as well.

Thor vs odin and thor on low hunt (oasis etc).

Same build order as on other maps, except you don't do hunting dogs and pig sticker now (only if you see you have at least 4 zebras and preferably some other hunt).
Go for 5 on wood, you'll advance around 5.05 with a good eco. Go for lots of raiders and try to avoid a big fight. Even if your eco is stronger it's not smart to go wasting army to impress him. Start farming slowly early on, so you don't have to spend like 500 wood suddenly. I try to get heroic around 10 minutes for a second tc and then start locking off all gold mines as my eco is based on wood and gold. These games tend to take a bit longer, you just can't gather enough food to flood your opponent with ulfs.
Once heroic get your important upgrades, start good farming and on ghost lake make a market early on: gold is hard to get there. Take control of the critical points, raid him, do upgrades and finish him with fw.

Thor vs loki on oasis

Same story.. Only you'll need to be more careful. He's most likely not to rush as he has no food, take advantage of it: make raiders which are expensive to counter food wise, maybe go for forseti so you can heal after raids and fights and go for lots of throwin axemen.
There is plenty of wood, spend the little food you have on armory ups (no need for pierce, helps you nothing in battles) and some raiders. Just try to avoid him getting a mass of hersirs by attacking his food constantly, microeing well and outplaying him with strong military and healing spring.

Thor on water vs all norse (medi)

There are two or three good different water strats but I only use one vs norse:
the 4.18 advance with constant production from 2 docks.
-dwarven mine, 2 dwarves onto it
-5 gatherers to wood with starting ox
-ulf makes dock and house
-from now on you make pure dwarves
-Let your ulf run a circle around your base to find pigs, send them to your tc, don’t go scouting with them like on land maps.
-Put two dwarves onto your dwarven mine
-Put dwarves onto pigs, I'm not sure exactly how many it is before you put another on gold. (maybe just go gold ox gold gold and then pure food to make it easier, I can't really find out atm cause I'm only able to play during vacations).
-Make sure you build your temple on time and a second dock and armory
-Important thing is not to make too many fishing boats: I think it's about 7.
-Once you start advancing, switch all your food dwarves to wood so you have 7-9 food (fish), I think 14 wood and 5 gold.
-Make 1 hersir to help make houses and then just wait till classic
-Make boats right as you arrive, your eco is good enough to make fighters non stop.
-Steal his fish, nilla has no shooting docks so the sea will be yours very early.
-If you see he isn't going for the sea (lokis do this a lot) make sure you upgrade your towers, claim all the fish, get barracks in tc fire and start producing army
-It's not hard to do a 10 minute heroic with all this food, and from then on just take map control and do everything like on land.

Thor on water vs all norse (anatolia and midgard)

-Beginning dwarves onto wood
-3 or 4 gatherers wood
-dwarven mine, 2 dwarves onto it
-switch gatherer dwarf onto wood with the resources you have, untill you have 8 in total
-now go for food, on anatolia you have sheep, on midgard 1-2 cows mostly. See if you have berries next to a forest or your gold mine so you can put your ox there
-dwarf ox 2 dwarf onto gold so you have 5, then rest food
-advance when you can. I think it’s somewhere around 5.20 with a very nice fishing-wood eco, you can conquer sea and still get heroic around 8.30-9.00 minutes without hurting your eco much. From then on go for tcs and hillforts and boom bit with fw to finish (again  )

Thor vs greeks

Ok I really have trouble explaining this =/
I would just need to show games and comment them as I play, because greeks can do so many different things and there are always different maps, so very hard..

I’ll just try to telll the basic build orders and strats but I can’t give any details as there are too many options.

High hunt maps

Like vs norse, only you can advance a bit later vs hades as he’ll be hiding in his town anyway:
-dwarven mine, 2 dwarves gold
-5 gatherers food, hunting dogs, shoot deer for favor, pig sticker
-gatherer ox 2 gatherers wood
-dwarf gold
-gatherer food
-2 gatherers wood
-dwarf food
-dwarf ox dwarf gold

This is a 5 minute advance with a good enough economy to get all your eco ups during transition, make an armory and still be able to make 2 barracks on arrival
From then on make some raiders and act very agressive.
Push him back into his town and take mapcontrol, but don’t make too much army, you’re trying to get heroic on time.
Aim for a 10-12 minute heroic with full pop and all classic eco ups, the point is you get a nicely upgraded army so you don’t have to spend too many resources and time on remaking it.
Be sure to get lots of pierce upgrades, mass tox eat norse units.
If you can survive classical by agressive raids and map control, and get heroic way before him because of this, the game should be yours: make walls and hillforts everywhere, don’t be afraid to ‘lame’.
So you have the gold control, then take tcs again and get good upgrades (how many times will I have to say this again lol), you shouldn’t underestimate his army though.
If he still has ceasefire try doing a massive attack so he uses it. Pull back and take another tc, go to full pop with fortifieds for extra pop and attack with fw after the cease.
If the game lasts till mythic because he got heroic on time, you have two interesting gods to choose between: baldr and tyr..
I’d say they’re both good, depends on situation again.. If you still have your fw and he still has cease go for tyr to cast fw+fimbulwinter. If he’s turtling heavily you could go both tyr and baldr: ballistas and fire gaints to take him down slowly, or the more agressive tyr with huskarls to take down toxotes and maybe a tc. I’ll have to do some testing on this and forgive me my bad guide vs greeks but as I said already, they’res just so many possibilities you’d have to ask me for help in a game.

Thor vs greek on low hunt (oasis etc).

Same thing as vs norse: 5 wood in archaic, farm pretty early, make raiders and try to kill off vills and slow him down. Get heroic around 10-11 minutes for a second tc and more vills, then boom on a bit and get heavy raiders for more hp  dont need to make as many so you have more resources for upgrades.

Water maps (medi)

Ok so with the anti norse strat I said there are different possibilities, the 4.18 and now the 5.20 with flaming arrows:
Why not the 4.18? Vs hades you could consider it because he doesn’t have cease, the other two do:you’ll do a 4.18 and attack his boats, he’ll crawl in his docks till he arrives, cast ceasefire, get his fish back and pump boats from like 3 docks. So what you do is the BO from norse anatolia and midgard (lemme copy it) :
-Beginning dwarves onto wood
-3 or 4 gatherers wood
-dwarven mine, 2 dwarves onto it
-switch off with gatherer dwarf onto wood with the resources you have, untill you have 8 in total
-now go for food, on anatolia you have sheep, on midgard 1-2 cows mostly. See if you have berries next to a forest or your gold mine so you can put your ox there
-dwarf ox 2 dwarf onto gold so you have 5, then rest food
-advance when you can. I think it’s somewhere around 5.20 with a very nice fishing-wood eco.
-The strat is basicly the same as that, only you should build your armory early on and do flaming arrows.
-He will probably up pretty early and make lots of boats, you just garrison yours and get a second dock up. You arrive at 5.20 put your gathering points inside your dock and pump boats. You’ll have no food income at this moment so maybe you can hunt some boars on land. Once you get enough boats you ungarrison and fight. By this time you’ll have even more vills onto wood so you can build a third dock for making boats if necessary. Get your fish back asap and add some extras, push him into his docks with your better upgraded army and balance your eco for heavier food. Get heroic around 12 minutes with some raiders and once again... tcs, hillfort, map control, walls, fw and finish it.

EDIT: Question: What to do vs a hoplite rush? As I said somewhere, as soon as you see he’s giving up the sea you should upgrade your towers and build barracks in your tc range. Then get some ulfs and throwing axemen for their good training time to defend. As soon as you get a small army up that’s good enough to defend you can build more barracks and get a more suffisticated army. Maybe it’ a good idea to wall off one side of the map really early so you only have to defend one, but the downside of that is that you’ll have to use gold and you never have a strong eco for a 4.18, so I think it’s best to wait till you’re classical and got a few boats out already (can also work to defend on land)

QUOTE (fantasy @ Feb 22 2005, 10:21 AM)
"the hardest thing for me when i vs norse trying to do a hop rush was when they advanced quicker than me (which obviously 4.18 would be) and they build a 'maze' of buildings with very little space and fagged about in them with ta. since the only advantage of hop rush is destroying buildings quickly, and if the enemy do this then you can't without suiciding half your army, the game will be very one sided -__-
oh and as for when the greek eventually decides he has to fight you make ulfs since they train so quick and u shud have spare food on a water map rly, although they aint too great compared to hops they produce so much quicker than them the greek will get outflooded and have to retreat -__-
if the greek has literally left the water alone, then also dont try and be a smartass and make a few ship to win it, leave it alone too, you need all the wood you need for rax+ta and gold for atk ups
then mr thor goes heroic and brings the fw of gg"


Water maps (anatolia and midgard)

I actually do the exact same thing as vs norse here: get good fish eco, get heroic early and get good pop and upgrades.

Thor vs egyptians

High hunt

So many options 
Vs ra it’s simple: early advance and cut him off gold.
Isis and set are different.. On watering hole vs isis i do an agressive 4.35 advance with 2 ulfs. Scout nicely by him and you can then wall him in completely. You build in the middle where 95% of the time 2 tcs are located and lock off his sides completely, leaving him nothing but his first gold mine. Then you just let him sit there untill about 6 minutes in game, making a big force in the middle. He’ll think he’s safe to do fh and prepare for it, charge in around 6.30 and break down buildings and vills. If you’re lucky he has nothing but an armory, otherwise you’ll need to fight a bit. If he’s going full classic army try to get a few ulfs behind your walls on his sides to repair them when he attacks them for gold, while he’s doing so you attack his slingers with raiders.
Ok so back to the 6.30 thing: you’re in his town and it appears he has a huge barracks army. Pull back to your middle where you have 4-5 barracks and pump army. Ulfs first for fast training time, some throwers and keep your raiders somewhere behind a forest to flank him then. You should win the first battles because you cut his hunt off, then you just keep repairing your walls, microeing your fights and keeping him in his town untill his mine runs out. Kinda lame but extremely effective.

On other hunt maps I do the same, only it’s harder to build the walls so it may take longer for him to run out of gold. I used to play with normal raiding style and keeping him off gold without walls but I lost too many times to him laming then, so now I lame walls

Vs set you’ll mostly just need to fight constantly, keep up raids, try to get heroic before him and then... guess what? Tcs and hillforts!!

Water maps (medi)

Vs all three you’ll need a 4.18 advance.
Isis and set have anubis and a very early advance as well so you’ll need to be careful and micro well. Ra is much easier, just advance early and conquer sea, he has no good god powers to protect himself. Be sure not to overestimate yourself by going straight for his docks once you’ve killed a few boats, rather save up some resources for armory upgrades so you can save resources and start making some raiders to take his docks on land while fighting on sea.

Water maps (anatolia and midgard)

Vs ra just take the sea completely once again, you get huge food boost (so may he cause of rain). On anatolia make barracks in the middle andmaybe some walls, get heroic on time and do some hillfort laming if needed to get 4 tcs up.

Vs isis and set it’s difficult... The snakes are excellent on the sides on these maps. On anatolia you should conquer one side completely and just stay behind the snakes on the other side. Just make sure you can build in the middle and keep it then, that’s hard with the ancestors but if you micro good, if you keep flanking and get enough upgrades nothing is impossible.


While all this is happening, it's very important to keep up vill production and military production, and do upgrades whenever the time and resources are right.
Idle buildings and units are a waste of pop and resources!
What helps a lot is giving your tc a groupname so you can check on it every 10 seconds or so, and same for your barracks. This way while you're in a battle you don't need to scroll away from the fight, just press your building # and the hotkey for the units you want to make.
Another one of the most important thing in these norse wars is micro.. Micro is the key to having more and stronger army than your opponent while spending the same amount of resources.

EDIT: Another thing I forgot to add for all water maps, but it’s pretty logical really: once you’ve conquered the sea and you’re fighting against melee troups on land, pull back to the sea constantly so you can have a few boats backing you up. They do loads of dmg vs ground troops and can help you win many battles. Also for those who wanna use this guide in tt (not really recommended, totally different), you can put your military units into arrow ships, have your enemy run over, shoot him, ungarrison and attack again, etc.. Right now I’m thinking of some psychopatic strategy with chris where you conquer the sea, go rather fast mythic, then garrison ballistas (Hope it works in arrow ships, you can even put a valk in  ), float to other side and take his complete town down.

I hope you enjoyed it and that it helped, but it's not because I made this and you think the strats are good you should always use them. Try to switch off, play other gods too so you know how to counter them better, and don't use BOs all the time.. I've rarely done the exact same thing few games in a row.


Ok I think I’ve said most of the things I wanted to say, there are still loads of details and things you need to see ingame but I hope I helped.
I’ll add more on to the eggy and greek part later but I’ve been typing too long..

If you guys have any questions I'll try to find the answer for you and add it.
I'm no expert or so, I got 1901 100% wins though mostly thor so I thought I might be able to help some people out
If you just keep the questions coming I can make this into a very good guide.



Building orders are often tagged as the wrong thing to do. IMO they can give you a nice start at least. All of these Bo's are basic build ups, to use them properly, you will have to adapt them to the map type, opponent and stuff.


Thor Basic Land Bo

  • Cast dwarven mine (DM)
  • 2 beginning dwarves on it
  • Que up 5 gatherers for food.
  • Ulf builds a house next to tower.
  • Hunting dogs in ox cart and send to hunt
  • Ulf scouts
  • Kill two non-aggressive or one aggressive animal to get 1 favor.
  • As soon as you have 1 favor do pig sticker in your ox
  • By this time your ulf shouldve scouted towards the middle, 
  • gatherer wood
  • ox wood
  • gatherer wood
  • gatherer wood or food
  • dwarf to dwarven mine
  • Ulf should now be building a temple rather forward,
  • dwarf gold
  • ox gold
  • dwarf gold
  • 3 dwarves on the dwarven mine to mine after they deplete DM.
  • dwarf to hunt
  • dwarf to wood
  • dwarf gold
  • Adcance


Thor Basic Water BO (DeathAndPain)

As Fast as you can: 

  • Queue up 5 vills and 2 dwarves
  • Set the rally point of your TC to the nearest straggler.
  • Send initial dwarves and ox to the straggler but cast Thor mine at your TC anyway.
  • Position your initial cart at the straggler.
  • Waypoint your dwarves from the straggler to your Thor mine.
  • Use your Ulf to make a dock and a house after it.
  • Ulf explore.
  • Make a second dock once you can afford it. Needless to say that you make fishing boats as quickly as possible.
  • Send your 5 queued up vills to wood (first straggler, then regular wood.)
  • Send your 2 queued up dwarves to gold (Thor mine, then regular mine) so that you end up having 4 dwarves on gold.

 Then keep on with:

 Keep dwarves aq-ed in your TC. Send them to wood.

  • Make a cart for your dwarves once your Thor mine is running low. (food came from fishing)
  • When you see you are near to hit the 400 food, send some dwarves to gold (to buy temple).

 Fast Simple Classic Advance (DeathAndPain)


  • Initial 2 dwarves to Thor mine.
  • Get Hunting Dogs and Pig Sticker
  • 6 gatherers with your initial ox cart-> hunting.
  • 3 gatherers with a new cart -> wood
  • dwarves with a new cart -> gold until you begin your advance
  • Make temple as soon as you get 80 wood.
  • Make one more house while you advance.



All Dwarf Build Up (Not Recommended) (Link)




Repelling a Loki Rush in High Hunt


  • Cast dwarven mine (DM).
  • Initial dwarves to it.
  • Que up 5 gatherers.
  • Get hunting dogs in ox cart and send it to hunt
  • Send the 5 vills to hunt
  • As soon as you have 1 favor from shooting at the deers research pig sticker.
  • Build house.
  • **Start building temple around this point**
  • 2 vills to wood.

    dwarf and ox to nearest gold mine
  • As soon as Dm is depleted, send initial 2 dwarves to the gold mine too.
  • dwarve to gold.
  • another dwarf to gold (gives you 5)
  • dwarf to food
  • dwarf to wood
  • **You should start advancing between 3.05 and 3.10 **
  • While advancing keep making hersirs.
  • As soon as you hit classical make all your guys build 1 longhouse.
  • Let the barracks make nothing but ulfs till you run out of food.
  • Attack his Forward Base (your ulf should have located it by now).
  • When his houses are down, you can make more barracks and finish the temple.
  • **In nilla almost always go for freyja, tt other way around**
  • **Don't do pickaxe and handaxe as they cost too much food and wood**

Alternative Land High Hunt BO (Sam_Ham)


  • DM next to TC.
  • Starting dwaves to it.
  • Send Ox cart to hunting, research HD.
  • 7 vills to hunting.
  • Gather 1 favour by killing two non-aggressive or one aggressive animal asap and get pig sticker.
  • vill to wood
    ox cat to wood
    3 vills to wood
  • 4 dwarves to gold
    ox cart to gold
  • 1 vill to wood and 1 to food

**In archaic, have your ulf scout around.

**Build the temple in the middle of the map vs less aggressive civs. You should build it as soon as you have the res.**